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Metallic & Marbled Matting in Custom Sizes


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  • -- Matallic & Patterned Mat Board Color Chart --

    Click on matting color sample to view a larger mat board color sample, pricing and ordering information. Keep in mind that colors will vary from one monitor to another so we can not guarantee a perfect match.

    # 3706 Copper

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 3711 Spanish Gold

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 3701 German Silver

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 3703 Gunmetal

    Ordering & More Info.

    # HZ36104 Ivory

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 4802 Tan Parchment

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 4412 Blue Marble

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 4444 Black Gold Marble

    Ordering & More Info.

    # 4446 Burgundy Gold

    Ordering & More Info.

    -- Ordering Matting With Multiple Openings --

    If you want to order your matting with more than one opening, e-mail us the outside dimensions of the matting and the size and location of the openings. We will then e-mail you a drawing with all dimensions for your approval. If you approve of the drawing you may then order your mat. You will need to enter "0" for opening sizes and enter the total number of openings in the box provided. When you check-out make a note in the comments area that you want your matting cut as to the drawing.

    -- Measuring For Custom Cut Matting --

     The outside dimensions of your mat board should be the same as the frame size. The inside dimensions of your mat board should allow approx. 1/4" to mount your print, photo or art work. An 8" x 10" photo, print, poster ect. would need an opening approx. 7.75" x 9.75".

    If you have a frame and you want to order matting for it, the size of your matting should be approx. 1/8" smaller than the recessed opening in the back of your frame.

    Frames are made approx. 1/8" bigger (industry standard) than stated size to allow room for fit-up with print, photo, artwork, matting ect. An 11" x 14" frame will have a recessed opening on the back that will measure approx. 11.12" x 14.12".

    -- Trouble Ordering Matting Sizes --

    If you are having trouble with the mat size or opening size you need to order, e-mail us the outside dimensions (frame size) and the size of print, photo ect. that you want to mat, and we will give you the sizes you need to order.

    You can order our Crescent matboard custom cut for your single, double or triple picture frame matting needs. There is nothing that will set off your art work better than nicely cut matting in a color that will not only complement your art work but also go well with your frame and the decor where it will be displayed.

    If you have any questions or comments E-mail us at