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Cherry Picture Frames

Contemporary Frames

Colonial Picture Frames

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Oak Picture Frames 

Walnut Picture Frames

Frame Size is the size of recessed opening on the back of the frame.   

How to figure the Outside Size of your frame.  

This picture frame molding has a walnut finish and an off white linen liner.

NOTE: Fractions must be entered in decimals.
Decimal Equivalent Chart

1/16" =


1/8" =


3/16" =


1/4" =


5/16" =


3/8" =


7/16" =


1/2" =


9/16" =


5/8" =


11/16" =


3/4" =


13/16" =


7/8" =


15/16" =


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Picture Frame Only


 Picture Frame with Archival "Foamcore" Backboard


Picture Frame with Crystal Clear "Acrylic" (Plexi-Glass)


Picture Frame with Crystal Clear "Acrylic" & Archival "Foamcore" Backboard


Picture Frame with Crystal Clear "Acrylic", Archival "Foamcore" & "Hanging Kit"


-- Framed Mirror with Wooden Backboard & Hanging Kit


Sample piece of this frame molding (not a corner sample)


Hanging Kit (Wire, Hangers with Screws & Wall Hook


Clips to hold a Stretched Canvas in a frame


We normally Ship within a few day of receiving an order.   

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